The Ghost Who Bled


The Ghost Who Bled & other stories will be published by Comma Press in July 2014.


The Ghost Who Bled is an excitingly diverse collection of stories. Ranging from black comedy to poignant drama, they take the reader around the world and through time.

The sufferings of a tyrant’s body double and the life after death of a failed suicide are just two of the book’s (seemingly) fabulous conceits. In stories full of inversion and subversion, a senile politician goes walkabout and glimpses what in her sanity eluded her, a war veteran ruins his life over the debt he owes to the man who saved it, and the act of love becomes a shared act of vengeance.

Other stories take in politics and intrigue in post-9/11 America, the apocalyptic visions of a Byzantine hermit, the aftermath of the Cambodian killing fields, and a scrivener in Elizabethan London witnessing the murder of Christopher Marlowe. The end story acknowledges the gap between violence as entertainment and its terrible consequences in reality.

The Ghost Who Bled is a book of great variety: a celebration of the freedoms of fiction. Its stories have won awards, appeared in national journals and magazines, and been broadcast on BBC Radio 4.


The Ghost Who Bled


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